Samovar Oolong Intro Kit
Samovar Oolong Intro Kit
Price: $55.00


Whatís Included in the Samovar Oolong Intro Kit

Samovar Organic Wuyi Dark Roast Oolong

Hauntingly ambrosial. Notes of caramelized raisins, roasted barley, bittersweet chocolate and aged peat moss. A climactic eruption of tea intoxication (and caffeine.)

Samovar Cloud Gaiwan

The ultimate tea gadget is also the oldest. Our gaiwan or "covered bowl," is one of the oldest brewing devices around, and for good reason - itís also one of the best. Itís easy. Itís beautiful. And it produces awesome tea. Concentrating the infusion, youíll get stronger aromas, more full bodied taste, and a beautiful view of the leaves unfurling.

Samovar Lotus Teacups (Set of 2)

The perfect cups to showcase the rich colors of your tea.

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