The Samovar Happy Hour Celebration Kit
The Samovar Happy Hour Celebration Kit
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What’s included in the Happy Hour Celebration Kit

Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea

Genmaicha, Samovar-style. Japanese matcha powder blended with toasted brown rice and steamed green tea. A meal unto itself. Cereal-like and nutty, a touch of grassiness, and the ultimate for breakfast.


Samovar Organic Turmeric Spice Herbal Blend

Turmeric, i.e. “Haridra” invokes Lord Ganesha (vanquisher of all obstacles). A 24kt-gold blend of ancient herbs: ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, and of course holy turmeric. Peaty and grounding, bright and citrusy, and capable of banishing your obstacles.

Finum Infuser Basket

This durable basket fits most mugs and is ideal for simple brewing.


One: Tea Lounge Groove MP3 Download

Thirteen specially selected tracks to elevate your tea drinking ritual to the next level.


Please note:
The MP3 download of Samovar's One: Tea Lounge Groove will be available for you to download once your order payment has processed. Do not place purchase as an Anonymous customer, or you won't be able to access the download. Once payment is processed, log in to your account, click on Review orders/track packages, and follow the Download Files link in your order.

Items included in the set might be substituted for similar products depending on availability.

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