Samovar Tart Peach Organic Black Tea
Samovar Tart Peach Organic Black Tea

3 oz. Tea Box: $19.00

Tea Box: $19
1 Pound: $86 (save 15%*)
Bulk Pack: $405 (5 lbs., save 20%*)



Tart, nectarous, floral, and uplifting. Softly astringent, a harmonious blend of black tea, red peach, hibiscus and rosehips.


  • : Black
  • : High
  • : Organic Chinese black tea, organic rosehips, organic peach pieces, organic hibiscus, natural peach flavor
  • : Nectarous and sweet with a lingering tartness and astringency.
  • : Warm buttered toast, soft scrambled eggs, egg-salad sandwiches, late afternoon tea sweets, and buttery, flaky desserts.

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* When you buy in bulk, you get more tea per dollar. We calculate your savings by comparing the tea box price per ounce with the bulk bag price per ounce.

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