Organic Samovar Sweet Crystals
Organic Samovar Sweet Crystals
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Ingredients: Organic Evaporated Coconut Palm Nectar

Sourced for Samovar by island farmers in Bali, Indonesia, who climb and then tap the tall palm trees for their nectar. "Wild crafted," this unrefined natural sweetener is the perfect sugar substitute. Buttery, rich, and sweet, it is reminiscent of Muscavado or Demerara sugar, yet more freeflowing and without the moisture content. Low on the glycemic index and high in micro-nutrients, it's healthy and yummy and perfect with tea or for baking.

Use this sweetener as you would regular table or baking sugar. Or do like we do at Samovar and replace all refined sugar in your life with it! Especially delicious with our Masala Chai or Earl Grey when you add a pinch of ginger or turmeric.

Learn more about the flavor and benefits of coconut palm nectar in this video with Jesse:

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