Samovar Moorish Mint Organic
Samovar Moorish Mint Organic Herbal Infusion

4 oz. Tea Box: $19.00

Tea Box: $19
1 Pound: $65 (save 15%*)
Bulk Pack: $304 (5 lbs., save 20%*)



The elixir of the ancient Moors (Berbers pre-dating Western religion) and used to save souls and civilians alike. This Samovar tonic blends peppermint, fennel, black pepper, cloves and a touch of green tea. Sip to drift in the footsteps of the industrious Numidian Berbers of 202 BC.


  • : Herbal with a small amount of green tea
  • : Low
  • : A blend of organic ginger, organic peppermint, organic green tea, organic licorice, organic fennel, organic cardamom, organic black pepper, and organic clove.
  • : Complex and earthy, minty and deep. Subtly sweet with light roasted notes.
  • : Couscous or Samovarís Moorish Platter.

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* When you buy in bulk, you get more tea per dollar. We calculate your savings by comparing the tea box price per ounce with the bulk bag price per ounce.

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