Samovar Organic Masala Chai
Organic Samovar Masala Chai

7 oz. Tea Box: $24.00

Tea Box: $24
1 Pound: $47 (save 15%*)
Bulk Pack: $219 (5 lbs., save 20%*)



Sweet, spicy, creamy and best when simmered for hours with whole milk and coconut palm nectar. Countless Indian grannies journey to Samovar to savor our chai, insisting itís better than theirs. Click here to learn how to make Masala Chai.


  • : Black
  • : High
  • : A blend of organic Chinese black tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic black pepper, and organic clove.
  • : When prepared traditionally (simmered in milk with sugar) our masala chai is full-flavored, spicy, sweet, creamy, and deep. 
  • : Indian food such as Samovarís Curry Tofu with Basmati Rice.

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* When you buy in bulk, you get more tea per dollar. We calculate your savings by comparing the tea box price per ounce with the bulk bag price per ounce.

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