Samovar Californian Persian Organic Black Tea Case of 24 Teaboxes
Samovar Californian Persian Organic Black Tea

Price: $456.00


After ten years and hundreds of tastings, Samovar's Persian tea has arrived. Yes it's brisk. Fully oxidized black tea, cardamom, orange peel, & wild baby roses. Transportive, the line blurs between California-21st century and Persepolis 465 BC.


  • : Black
  • : High
  • : Organic black tea, organic green tea, organic rose petals, organic orange peel, organic cardamom, bergamot oil, natural rose flavor, organic jasmine flowers
  • : Full bodied black tea, astringent and caffeinated. Floral from the roses, and nutty and spicy notes from cardamom and citrus.
  • : Scones and dry pastries. Eggs and cereals for breakfast. Afternoon tea sandwiches like cucumber and butter, and smoked salmon. Rich creamy pasta, and risotto. Baked fish and chicken with mild seasonings.

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