Samovar Apple Ginseng Oolong Tea Wholesale
Samovar Apple Ginseng Oolong Tea

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White ginseng harks from the Panax root, and is known to promote "vital energy and libido." Eve coaxed Adam to share an apple, forever marking it a symbol of knowledge, immortality, temptation, and sin. We added a touch of oolong to complete this divine triad.


  • : Oolong
  • : Medium
  • : Oolong tea from Taiwan, organic apple pieces, organic white ginseng, organic licorice root, natural apple flavor
  • : Fruity, earthy, and slightly astringent. 
  • : All breakfast foods: French toast, eggs, oatmeal, pancakes. Rich sweets like chocolate cake, flan, bread pudding.

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