Samovar Nishi Sencha 1st Flush Organic Green Tea
Nishi 1st Flush Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Price: $32.00
Weight: 50 Grams / 1.76 Ounces


Induces the Alpha state like no other. Clean, mildly vegetal, ocean and kombu, and truly First Flush. Power tea.


  • : Green
  • : Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
  • : Medium
  • : In the high elevations of the Kashogima organic tea pioneer Nishi-san and his family grow the three types of tea plants that are blended to create our asamushi shincha (first flush sencha) in a Japan Agriculture Standard and USDA certified organic tea garden, then the leaves are lightly steamed.
  • : Refreshing and balanced with a pleasing bitter-sweetness and light grassiness. Incredibly balanced with both pronounced umami and notes of freshly cut grass. Sweet rice aromas remain long after the final sip. This first flush Asamushi sencha from Kagoshima prefecture is the pinnacle of balance, all in one sip.
  • : Japanese Cuisine or Samovarís Maki Bowl

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