Samovar Matcha Hekisui
Matcha Hekisui Green Tea Powder

Limited Edition:

20g Bag: $59.00
Weight: 20 gram bag


Top-of-the-top, ceremonial grade, shade-grown, and destined to inspire "Buddha-mind." Hekisui, meaning "blue sapphire-jade," is a superfine chlorophyll-concentrated spring green powder which foams into a cloudlike froth. Solely for your illumination. Learn how to make matcha


  • : Green
  • : Uji, Japan.
  • : High
  • : Leaves are shade-grown before being harvested by hand, then steamed. Stems and veins are removed and the leaves are ground by small granite mills.
  • : Smooth and grassy with a creamy dark chocolate finish.
  • : Sweet snack wagashi or by itself.

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