Samovar Hawaii-Grown Black Tea
Hawaii-Grown Black Tea

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Weight: .88 ounce / 25 grams
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One-of-a-kind like Samovar itself. Grown by our friend John Cross on a dormant volcano slope. Lush green islands yield a lush black tea. Clean and smooth with out a hint of astringency, like the Hawaiian seas.

See photos of how Hawaii Black is made.


  • : Oolong.
  • : Hawaii Island, Hawaii, USA.
  • : High.
  • : Cultivated by John Cross from plants grown by his father as part of an agricultural experiment 15 years ago. Then hand-processed by Eva Lee of Tea Hawaii & Company.
  • :Tremendously clean, smooth and refined, with no astringency or bitterness even when brewed for long periods.
  • : Milk chocolate with sea salt or Samovarís Cherry Oat Scones.

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