Samovar Four Seasons Oolong Tea Bulk 1 Pound Pack
Four Seasons Oolong Tea
Price: $85.00
Bulk Pack: 1 lb.


From the oolong-gurus in Taiwan, bless your mouth with notes of gardenias, fresh-baked bread, warm milk and savory dew-drenched clover. Meditate on the clarity and rarity of this smooth, golden-green infusion.


  • : Oolong
  • : Nantou, Taiwan.
  • : Medium
  • : This tea was cultivated in Taiwan from a varietal of Tie Quan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) in the 1980s. This delightful oolong is prized for its sweet, floral flavors and is expertly processed by hand.
  • : Fresh buttery forward flavors and a lingering flowery finish of morning gardenias and warm milk.
  • : Honeycomb served with fruit and cheese, or flaky pastries.

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