Samovar Bai Mudan Organic White Tea
Bai Mudan Organic White Tea

1.5 oz. Tea Box: $19.00

Tea Box: $19
1 Pound: $172 (save 15%*)
Bulk Pack: $810 (5 lbs., save 20%*)



Hand-picked, sun dried for three days, baked, then cured. Woody hints of roasted hazelnuts, and sweet corn. Lingering notes of hot cocoa. A golden infusion to soothe monkey mind. Explore the darkest of the white teas.

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  • : White
  • : Fujian Province, China.
  • : Low
  • : Hand-picked, dried under the sunlight for 1-3 days and then briefly oxidized from 30 minutes to 3 hours, varying by weather, before being baked to package.
  • : Smooth, sweet, woody flavor with hints of roasted walnuts, sweet corn, and hot cocoa.
  • : Any dessert, including chocolate walnut brownies and Samovarís Honeycomb Platter.

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* When you buy in bulk, you get more tea per dollar. We calculate your savings by comparing the tea box price per ounce with the bulk bag price per ounce.

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